Extended Care Options Before and After School


Day Care

When you can't be with your children you will want them to be with us.

A child's future is created at this moment.

Let it be Creative Learning at Life Arts Center.

Open 7:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday thru Thursday.
State licensed with a highly trained staff.
After school care for 6 – 10 year old children with bussing from area schools. Specialized dance and art classes are provided.

We have an Attitude about Child Care

We have an attitude:

That your children deserve better care than daycare.
That your children learn best when their pleasure centers are turned on.
That children respond to respect.
That children’s needs can direct their curriculum.
That sitting and learning is a poor way to learn.
That play teaches some of life’s most important lessons.

Preschool & Kindergarten

A full, authentic preschool and state recognized kindergarten are offered through the Life Arts Center's early childhood development program called the Creative Learning Center. We employ only professionally trained, state certified specialists to teach the children our unique kindergarten programs.

Kindergarten and Preschool are completely age appropriate and committed to the complete education of the child through the integrated arts; numbers, math, reading readiness, reading, writing, science, and emotional literacy are taught with an emphasis on art and play, thus creating a well rounded, well adjusted child. The Kindergarten program also includes the state of Utah's core curriculum. It is understood that when learning happens, action, noise, experience, and hands on learning are

Summer Camp



Dance/Music/Art Classes: An integrated approach to learning.

Children from three up come in 1 1/2 hour sessions to create choreography, art, music, and science developing language skills through movement, i.e., DANCE. This curriculum is our flag ship piece originally created by Pearl Wagstaff-Garff through experience and research for over forty years of development. Taught by certified instructors, it is a great way for children to practice their imaging skills, patterning, short and long term memory, coordination, strength, flexibility, rhythm, emotional literacy and social consciousness. This unique class offers the child an opportunity to invent his/her own way to communicate an idea based upon a theme or motif. It is the creative process in action and expression. This process is an excellent way to assist the child's successful outcome in reading, writing, comprehension, critical thinking, mathematics, and tracking. Dance is the world's language and crosses over all boundaries.

Art classes are held after school hours with small enrollment, thus allowing children to receive near “complete tutorial” instruction. Mr. Chad, Chad Norman, works with the children on their level and encourages them in their choice of art projects. Our philosophy, “there are no mistakes,” allows the child to work independently and without negative criticism.

Hand built pottery class works in small groups, as well. Miss Julia, Julia Moench-Parent brings ideas and creative thought to the class. However, if the child has a project in mind Miss Julia will work with the child helping build on the idea while giving instruction on how best to build their creative ideas in clay. Many keepsake items come from this class.

Boys Movement Science

A process of learning that stimulates boys in their creative expression.

This class can enhance sports movement and athletic abilities by increasing coordination, rythm, and emotional literacy.

This is a class that will stimulate the creative expression of the boys who choose to participate.