An Integrated Arts/Science Education and Family Resource

  • Life Arts is a family resource center for the enrichment of the individual. It is a safe space to explore and find expression through the creative process. Life Arts first recognizes that the child is gifted and talented then those wonders are launched on the wings of expressive arts. Dance, music, art, drama, and science build emotional and spiritual literacy, physical and intellectual competency.
  • The Life Arts Center is a school developing children’s innate creative potential through the integrated arts, providing an effective compliment to traditional academic systems.
  • The faculty and staff at the Life Arts Center are committed to the emotional, intellectual, and physical development of each child.
  • Life Arts is a place where reverence for great ideas and goodness build the framework of spiritual literacy. We exercise responsibility, balance, and integrity.



WE BELIEVE that children are born with an innate capacity to be creative and expressive

WE BELIEVE that there are levels of appropriate movement responses dependent upon the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual evolution and development of the child.

WE BELIEVE that the purpose of the artist is to awaken society’s imaginative and creative realm. When the individual gains access to this tacit domain the idea for greater good, higher order, and sublime possibility exists.

WE REJECT superimposing “exploitative movements and standards” that do not develop the child as an individual, as an artist, as a performer and as a youth.

WE BELIEVE in the partnership of the community in the process of developing healthy, secure, and strong individuals.

WE CELEBRATE life through the exploration of dance, music, art, literature and theater.

WE BELIEVE that the methods, philosophy and structure of the curriculum at the Life Arts Center, Creative Learning Center and Dancers’ Theatre Company is nurturing to the highest good of the individual, the family and the community.