Since August of 2008, The Life Arts Center located at 2346 E. Ft. Union, has downsized and moved our four schools and day care operation. Creative Learning Center, our Early Childhood Education Program has moved to 7304 Jonathan Drive, under the roof of Life Arts House, 7304 Jonathan Drive, Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121 (Licensed)

Life Arts House continues the 'flag ship curriculum' of 38 years: Integrated Arts/Science, Multi-Intelligence experiences in DANCE, MUSIC, ART, DRAMA, LITERATURE, NATURE, SCIENCE, for children two years of age until first grade. Emergent curriculum is framed in Developmentally Appropriate Practices through PLAY. The child excels in comfortable, happy and loving environments. We structure our days to develop the child's EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, INTELLECTUAL, and SPIRITUAL LITERACY. Language, Safety, and Understanding create an easy routine for young children and most importantly builds his/her self esteem.

We offer our program on a two-day, three-day, four and 1/2-day and Off Site Friday basis. Our 'school' program begins at 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 each day except Friday (we close at 1:30 pm). Adjunct to our Life Arts Curriculum is an EXTENDED DAY OPTION for working parents who might need their child secure between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. And/or, 4:00-6:00 pm . This option can be appointed at $12.00 a day extra. School tuition is based on a scale of two-day, three-day, four and a half day times 48 weeks of the 52 week year. The choice can be made to pay tuition on a monthly basis for 12 payments, 10 payments, 9 payment, 6 payments, or, if the family wishes to pay the entire school tuition in one payment, a 10% discount will be awarded. Children who are full time (5 day) attendees are pro-rated at $36. per day for 48 weeks + extended day. Part-time children (2 or 3 day) are pro-rated at $42. a day for 48 weeks. Enrichment programs are offered throughout the year, and the tuition, fees and supervision is charged under separate cover. Example: Friday morning is spent in the Mommie, Music and Me infant/2's/3's off site at Fenton Studiol. Dancers' Theatre Company sponsors these Integrated Arts Classes. We shuttle our children who sign up for these classes to and from the site. The four's, fives and six year old children go also, but there class is Dance Music Art Drama. The tuition runs $15.00 extra a week for 36 weeks. Dancers' Theatre Company has fundraising for the 'Child as the Artist', and Shows. The teachers are Certified Invested Professional Teachers/Healers.