What Do People Feel About the Life Arts Center Experience?


“I have so many feelings and thoughts inside . . . but it’s hard to put them into words. I guess the most important thing I want to thank you for is the lifetime experience you have given my daughters. The hard work, the priorities and most of all your love has truly had an impact on them. You have helped prepare them for any future challenges and goals they may encounter during their lives.”
             D. D. Sandy, Utah

“We are so proud of our son – not just for his knowledge or artistic expression, but for his kindness. That comes from a “village” of caregivers who have raised him to be a peacemaker! Thank you.”
            M. D. Cottonwood Heights, Utah

“Where do I begin? Our experiences with the Life Arts Center and you have been so special, and made such a difference in our lives. Our son has grown so much in the past two years while attending the Life Arts Center, and his self-confidence has blossomed. You are doing wonderful things with the children, and we appreciate all you’ve done for him.”
            J. C. Salt Lake City, Utah

“For the many dear lives that you touch, you definitely are the giver of wings. You are such a blessing to the world.”
            E. V. Salt Lake City, Utah

“We love and appreciate you, your imaginative adventures and your loving influence. You so understand the soul of the child (in all of us).”
            J. B. Salt Lake City, Utah